The Grand Adventure!

Welcome to my blog!  Seeing as this is my inaugural post, I am going to make this one disclaimer:

I am not a blogger.  I don’t claim to be entertaining or clever – I just want to keep you updated on my travels!

That said, let me tell you about my trip.  The vague overview is that I’m going to Latin America for three months to see the world, learn the language, and see different cultures.  Since I transferred schools in the middle of my college career, I didn’t have time to study abroad – pretty dumb for an International Affairs major who focused in Latin America!  I figure it’s now or never – and I’d rather it be now!

I’m going with two friends – Blaine and Liz – although Liz is only staying with us for the first month or so.  We’re leaving this Sunday night (technically Monday morning, ugh), on a direct flight from Denver to San Jose, Costa Rica.  Once we arrive in Costa Rica (at 6:30 am) we will immediately get on a bus (at 7:30 or 8:30 am) to Nicaragua – final destination being León.  From León, we will start our trip!

I’ll give you more specific country-by-country plans later, but the overall plan is to start in Nicaragua and then move South through each country until we end in Peru.  For those of you who aren’t so geographically savvy, we’ll be hitting Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.  Take a look at the map (starting at orange, ending in purple)!

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I’ll aim to post once more before I leave, hopefully giving you a picture and list of what I’m bringing, as well as a detailed plan for Nicaragua!  Feel free to post comments with questions, demands, inquiries, admiration… whatever you want!

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  1. What a ridiculous disclaimer. Looks like it will be an amazing trip and a great blog to document it. Ciao!

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