Packing List

In preparing for this trip I received numerous suggestions for things to bring, places to go, things to do, etc. As the rest of this blog will detail where I go and what I do, I thought some of you might be interested in what I decided to bring with me!

My goal in packing was to pack light. I despise traveling with multiple bags and heavy items which need careful attention. Yuck. I decided for this trip to buy a new backpack, a 65 liter Osprey Aura, and keep it as empty as possible. I actually surprised myself with how lightly I packed, but am sure as I continue I’ll find more things I wish I hadn’t packed, and things I wish I had.

Here is a picture of everything, minus a few personal items and last minute additions, I packed for this trip.

In case you actually ARE interested in this post, here is the list of everything included in that picture – I won’t blame you if you stop reading here. Items listed are roughly corresponding to the picture as if you were reading a book (left to right, starting at the top).

Lotion – last minute addition, sounded superfluous but I really hate having dry skin!
Lightweight no-wrinkle REVERSIBLE dress
Lonely Planet Travel Guides
Bug Spray
Warm Hat
3 pairs of quick dry undies
3 pairs of quick dry socks
1 pair of VERY CUTE wool socks (thanks Derek!)
2 sports bras
1 set of long underwear – top and bottom
Baseball hat
Wrist Watch
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Bar of Dr. Bronner’s for laundry
Warm Gloves
2 pairs quick dry shorts
Travel skirt
3 quick dry T shirts and 1 cotton T shirt
Down Jacket (looks like a mini-sleeping bag, and will double as my travel pillow!) Towel
Pack Cover
1 long sleeve T shirt, 1 long sleeve cotton button-up
Dorky zip off travel pants
2 swim suits
Travel sheet/liner
Running shoes
Travel document holder
Flippy floppies (also previously thought of as superfluous, but since I had so much room… I figured I could bring them and throw them away when I get tired of carrying them)
Running shoes
Rain Jacket

A few items not pictured include a camera, ear plugs, chapstick, etc.

As I continue, I’ll definitely make note of things I wish I had packed (which will most likely include Dr. Dre and T Pain), and things I haven’t actually ended up using.

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