This blog will serve to document my travels through Latin America, from Nicaragua to Peru, for three months in 2011.  Hopefully it will be exciting, educational, and insightful Рbut most of all, it is just a way to keep in touch and record my experience.

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  1. Mac Linehan says:


    Am enjoying your commentary and pictures very much. The last time I was in that part of town was in the 1970’s – things have changed (just a little!). I am glad that you did not impact with the end anchor post when doing a ” canpoy Zip” – I got vertigo just watching. And do try to keep Blaine from jumping off high places with rocks below, I hope to see her (and you!) this coming summer.


    Enjoy the Big Explore, am looking forward to following your adventures. Make sure to check for spiders before hitting the hay each night; cause they would love to get to know you better….

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